7 reasons you simply must try Kababs and Kurries

Advantage Club gives the lowdown on one of Doha's most popular Indian restaurants - if you haven't yet tasted the exceptional menu at Kababs & Kurries, you must read this!

1. The biryanis

Everyone loves a great biryani, and Kababs & Kurries doesn’t disappoint. Serving authentic Hyderabad Biryanis, including lamb, fish, prawn, chicken, vegetable and plain rice options, there’s lots to choose from.

The unique way of cooking their biryanis, and of course the fresh ingredients, makes Kababs & Kurries biryanis special. The biryanis are cooked in a dum style (bread covered on the pot) to ensure the flavour remains in the biryani and meat.

Did you know?

The word biryani is derived from the Persian language. One theory is that it originates from the word Birinj, the Persian word for rice. In north India it is traditionally associated with the Mugalai cuisine of Delhi and the Awadhi cuisine of the city Lucknow, while in South India it is associated with the Hyderabad cuisine.

2. Chef Ram, Head Chef at Kababs & Kurries

Originally from Himachal Pradesh in India, he worked as a chef in the Starwood Hotels in India, and was Chef de Cuisine for Indian cuisine. He started his career learning the basics and overtime fine-tuned the art of cooking authentic Indian food with natural and fresh ingredients.

He has a vast bank of knowledge for Indian cooking - of north, south, Awadhi and Kashmiri cuisine, which enables him to put his own stamp on the menu.

3. The thali

Thali is a word originated from India; it means a different selection of dishes in one platter followed with sweets. The thali concept comes from the idea of family dining, where people ate a small portion of many different dishes.

Thali is a complete meal in itself. It consists of lentils, meat dishes, chicken dishes, yoghurt, vegetable dishes, salad, barbequed dishes, sweets, rice and bread.

Every state in India has different thali. For example, Awadhi Thali, Kasmiri Thali, South Indian Thali and Gujrati Thali. Kababs & Kurries strongly believe they serve the best thali in Doha – and once you've tried it, it's hard to argue!

4. The curries!

With curry in the name, albeit with a k, you’d expect Kababs & Kurries to serve some pretty tasty options. And of course they do! According to Chef Ram, the most popular curries on the menu include the butter chicken, mutton Rogan Josh, chicken tikka masala, prawn masala and homemade chicken curry.

Their butter chicken is enriched with butter and cream, giving it a wonderful smooth texture - the boneless chicken is marinated with Indian spices and then grilled in a clay oven tandoor and finally tossed with tomato curry sauce, butter and cream.

5. Dhearendra, your welcoming manager at Kababs & Kurries!

Born in Lucknow in India, a place famous for culture, good values and of course great food, Dhearendra trained in hotel management and worked in five star hotels including Starwood, ITC hotels, the Oberoi, Le Meriden, Aman Resorts and St. Regis.

He says that it is his passion for authentic Indian cuisine that attracted him to Kababs & Kurries. "All of us at Kababs & Kurries are deeply passionate about what we do. For us it is important that we give our guests a truly authentic Indian experience. We endeavour to make our diners feel special and give them a personalised service," he explained.

6. The kababs

As with the curries, it's in the name so you can expect the best from their kababs. Offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, their kababs include Aatishi chicken tikka, tandoori broccoli, Peshawri kebab, Boti kebab, Hari Mirch Ka Jheenga, tandoori chicken, shammi kebab, tandoori lobster, Dahi ke kebab and many, many more.

These are all signature kebabs of Chef Ram, each designed and cooked using fresh and natural ingredients, and marinated in Indian spices to make them juicy and tender.

7. Kababs & Kurries has a lot of fans!

What you need to know…

  • Where it is? 01 Mall, Ain Khalid
  • How to contact Kababs & Kurries: 4444 0133
  • Do they deliver? Yes! (to local area)

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