Nonna Zanon – Authentic Italian dining in Doha

Advantage Club met up with Wassim Ben Abderrazak, managing partner of Nonna Zanon, to find out more about this family owned restaurant.

It's great to catch up with you in your fabulous restaurant. For those people who haven't yet been fortunate to dine here, tell us a few ways in which Nonna Zanon differs from other Italian restaurants in Doha.

Well, first and foremost it is important to explain that Nonna Zanon is an Italian family owned restaurant. Our story is unique. It all started as a conversation between three friends reminiscing about the delicious cooking of “Nonna” the grandmother of one of them, an Italian who grew up in Qatar.

Continuing the family theme, we have a very friendly team here at Nonna Zanon. We feel it's very important to get to know our customers, to make them feel welcome and valued, so they keep coming back to us.

Our exquisite food uses simple, fresh, quality ingredients. Our menu is based on quality rather than quantity, in order to ensure each dish is fresh and prepared to the highest standards.

How important is the quality of the ingredients that you use?

It is absolutely the most important thing to us. We take pride in our food and source only the highest quality ingredients to truly capture the essence of home-style Italian cooking. Italian cooking prides itself on using only the finest ingredients, anything less will affect the quality of the finished dish.

We take great satisfaction from being able to source the majority of our products locally. Imported products represent about 25% of our total purchases, with most of that being cheeses and olive oil.

How fresh and healthy is Nona Zannon's menu?

Our food is very healthy; we don’t use any frozen products, only fresh vegetables, meat, fish, herbs and spices. And we freshly prepare as much of our menu as is possible on a daily basis, including bread, sauces and desserts, and of course our pasta is homemade and freshly prepared - we even cater for gluten-free diners.

How do you cater for families dining at your restaurant?

With Nonna Zanon being family owned, there is a huge emphasis on family here. We cater to all families and children can choose anything on the menu as half a portion, we will be also looking at creating a special children’s menu which of course will follow the same concept as the main menu - only top quality fresh ingredients with of course no additives, colours or preservatives.

Are the dishes styled from a particular region of Italy?

We give ourselves the freedom to make any dish that would be liked locally no matter what region it’s from. We encourage feedback from our diners so we can keep the menu up to date with what people want. We have a very popular specials menu which changes daily it is dictated by the best quality ingredients available in the market that day.

What are the most popular dishes on the menu?

We are very proud of all the dishes on the menu, but I think the most popular ones are the beef tagliata, our fabulous range of pizzas, and our divine tiramisu. We are also busy creating a breakfast menu which we are sure will be very popular, especially as we will make our own fresh croissants and breads.

If you could describe Nonna Zanon in three words what would they be?


Tell us some fun facts about the team

The whole team, from the executive chef to the cleaner, get together for food tastings and we eat together before the shift starts. This is a fun way to get to know each other better and gives us an opportunity to share stories from our home countries. As we spend so much time together it is important for us to get along and support each other.

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